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How to Put Together an Indoor Scavenger Hunt

6 Tips For Putting Together an Awesome Scavenger Hunt Your Kids Will Love

How to Put Together an Indoor Scavenger Hunt
Image Source: Pexels / caleboquendo

Spending time indoors can get boring, fast — there are only so many times you can plop the kids in front of "PAW Patrol" before they get restless and want to do something exciting. With a little imagination, some household items, and a little of your inner child, you can put together a fun scavenger hunt for your family to do together. You can keep it simple and just dream up some items for your kids to search out, or you can go all out with riddles and clues.

But remember: scavenger hunts are what you make of them — they don't have to be overly complex because that can make the child lose interest quickly. If your kids have special interests, try to incorporate them. If they like animals, make it a safari theme, or if they like drawing, make it something to do with paint or arts and crafts. If not, just let them get out the wiggles as they traipse, safely, around the house, or turn up the speaker and have a mini dance party in between. Kids will love checking items off the list and keeping their minds occupied, and it will keep them busy and moving around for a few hours while you do whatever you want. (May we suggest a moment alone on the couch? A little Netflix binge? Or finally, getting in that phone call with a friend?) Scroll through to see six tips and suggestions for putting together a fun scavenger hunt for kids.

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