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Your Kid Will Obsesses Over Disney's New Food Channel the Way You Do Over Food Network

As if Disney couldn't do any more to love us, it just launched a new food channel that is basically going to be your kids' version of the Food Network (and will give them something else to watch on YouTube besides mystery egg videos). The online channel, called Disney Eats, will be a place for your little ones to learn about food, watch cooking videos (like the one below featuring Mickey macarons), and check out the trendy new food items in Disney parks.

"Disney has partnered with Tastemade to co-create all original content," according to Delish. "The brand says the content will hold nutritional standards, teaching families to ditch foods that are high in both sugar and sodium."

Check out the video above to see what Disney Eats is all about, and to get your kid even more excited, take a peek at the Disney Eats Kitchenware Collection, which includes a number of adorable Disney-themed kitchen tools they can use while re-creating Disney recipes.

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