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What to Do When You're Waiting For Your Baby's Birth

25 Things to Do When Your Due Date's Passed

They say that the waiting is the hardest part, and that's never more relevant than when you're on baby watch. Passing the time when you know that you're on the brink of the life-altering event that is parenthood is a seemingly impossible task. What's a mom-to-be to do, other than watch and wait? While we can't induce labor for you, we can help you to stay busy. Here are 25 activities to keep you busy while waiting for D-day (you can do this!)

  1. Read for pleasure (no, we're not talking about What to Expect . . . ).
  2. Select birth announcements and put together a list of friends and family to send them to.
  3. Catch up with long-distance friends via telephone or Skype.
  4. Write a letter to the baby with anecdotes about your pregnancy and hopes and expectations for him or her.
  5. Buy a baby book.
  6. Make sure that everything is in order at work before you officially start maternity leave.
  7. Get a manicure and pedicure.
  8. If you're up for it, cook some make-ahead meals that you can pop in the freezer.
  9. Do a supergentle prenatal yoga workout.
  10. Meet a friend for coffee (or lunch, or dinner, or ice cream . . . ). You deserve it.
  11. Get a haircut.
  12. See a movie.
  13. Embark upon an easy DIY project for the nursery.
  14. Review your calendar for the next couple of months, and buy any birthday, anniversary, or holiday cards and gifts for events that are on the horizon. Once the baby's here, that won't be as easy!
  15. Go on a date.
  16. Get together with a friend you think is a great mom. Play with her kids and pick up as much advice as you can.
  17. If you're already a mom, have a special afternoon with your older kids.
  18. Netflix a funny pregnancy movie, have over a friend or two, and order pizza.
  19. Scan the baby's room to ensure that you have all of the newborn essentials covered.
  20. Get together with your own mom and learn about your own birth story if you haven't already heard it.
  21. Choose or buy a special outfit for the new baby to wear home from the hospital.
  22. Choose or buy a special outfit that you'll be comfortable in at the hospital.
  23. Frame recent photos of family and friends for the baby's nursery.
  24. Edit and organize your closet with an eye for forgiving postpartum and nursing-friendly pieces.
  25. If you have older kids, take them shopping for a special "welcome gift" for their new baby brother or sister.
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