As a Toddler Mom, I'm in Love With This Squeeze-Proof Pouch and Juice Box Holder

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"Juice, please," my 2-year-old says practically every day at lunchtime in our house. Both him and his 3-year-old brother would drink apple juice all day long if I let them, but there's one major problem: every single time they pick up their juice box, they squeeze it until it spills. Sure, sometimes it's an accident. But still, cleaning up sticky juice from their shirts or the hardwood floors or the backseat of the car is definitely not my favorite way to spend an afternoon. Enter the Flipping Holder 2-in-1 Food Pouch and Juice Box Holder ($15). For under $20, you can order two amazing BPA-free plastic holders from Amazon that keep juice and fruit pouches secure from little fingers.

The Flipping Holders are surprisingly simple. When they are upright, just slide in your baby food, applesauce, or yogurt pouch, and securely lock it in place. The bottom is open, so a parent can reach in and squeeze any remaining food to the top if necessary. Or, flip it over to slide in juice boxes or pouches on the open side. Toddlers can then grip the plastic handles instead of the messy pouch, allowing them to drink or eat without squeezing. Best. Invention. Ever!

My toddlers love having something to grip, and the sturdy plastic helps them forget there's a squishy pouch inside. It serves as a distraction, so they focus more on just enjoying their drink or food and not on playing with it to make liquid squirt out everywhere (because, yes, it is a game to them).

I'm not surprised at all that these holders have an average 4.5 out of 5 stars with more than 1,700 ratings. Parents appreciate the easy-to-use, mess-free tool. You can use milk boxes, apple juice, CapriSun, and almost all major brands of baby food pouches.

TikToker @marilyn2685 posted a video demonstrating how to use the Flipping Holder, with the caption, "Who else hovers over their toddler when they get a squeeze juice?" Um, both hands raised here. The comments were also extremely relatable, with @teylor.prest5 stating, "Let me tell you — I FLEW TO AMAZON AND ORDERED ONE lmao," and @kristinamangus said, "Legit, this is amazing! No food pouch mess. My mind is blown."

You can order a set of Flipping Holders in aqua blue and purple, aqua blue and white, purple and white, two purples, two whites, or two aqua blues. These are selling out fast, so be sure to place your order soon. Because anything that can make parents' lives a little bit easier or prevent one more mess in your already busy day is worth it.