River, Brooks, Raine, and 45 Other Water-Inspired Baby Names You'll Love

Whether it be in another language or its translation, there are so many words for water, that mean water, or that have something to do with bodies and iterations of water. Be it rain water, sea water, the ocean, or something else aquatic, there are so many beautiful baby names that come from such words.

Scroll through to see some of our favorite baby names that either mean water, are inspired by water, or translate to water or a body of water in another language.

Baby Names Meaning or Inspired by Water

  1. Ara (Arabic for "brings rain")
  2. Arno (meaning "flower water")
  3. Aqua
  4. Banks
  5. Baia (Portuguese/Italian for "bay")
  6. Bay
  7. Bayou (meaning "small stream")
  8. Beckett (meaning "little brook")
  9. Briny (meaning "of salty water")
  10. Brook
  11. Brooks
  12. Calder (meaning "rocky water")
  13. Cascade
  14. Coral
  15. Cove
  16. Creek
  17. Darya (Iranian for "sea")
  18. Delta
  19. Dylan (Welsh for "son of the sea")
  20. Eddy (meaning "a circular movement of water")
  21. Fisher
  22. Ford (meaning "river crossing")
  23. Gully
  24. Hali (Greek for "sea")
  25. Harbor
  26. Kai (Hawaiian for "sea")
  27. Kendra (meaning "clear water")
  28. Lake
  29. Loch (Scottish for "lake")
  30. Mare (pronounced mah-re; Italian for "sea")
  31. Marella (Japanese for "of the bright sea")
  32. Marina
  33. Marine
  34. Maris (meaning "of the sea")
  35. Marsh
  36. Meri (Finnish for "sea")
  37. Mira (Sanskrit for "ocean")
  38. Misty
  39. Morgan (meaning "circling sea")
  40. Ocean
  41. Raine
  42. Reef
  43. River
  44. Sea
  45. Seaton (meaning "town by the sea")
  46. Shore
  47. Trent (Latin for "gushing water")
  48. Wade