10 of the Best Pacifiers For Breastfeeding Babies

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Pacifiers are one of the most helpful things a new mom can use during those first few months after a baby's arrival. Not only do they serve as a great instrument to quiet down a fussy baby, but they also teach your baby to self-soothe through their natural sucking reflex. But what if you're breastfeeding?

The good news is that your child can adapt to using both a pacifier and being breastfed, but you need to watch out for a few things. Aside from making sure the pacifier is BPA-free (BPA is an industrial chemical that's been used to make certain plastics), try to find one that has a rounded nipple shape. It's also important to look for brands that use the word "orthodontic," because they're specifically designed to help eliminate any teeth-formation issues that are generally linked to long-term pacifier use. In no particular order, check out the 10 best pacifiers around for breastfed babies.