After a Man Asked a Nursing Mom to "Cover Up" in 90-Degree Weather, She Obliged (Kind Of)

Carol Lockwood is sick of breastfeeding women being shamed for any aspect of the natural act, especially for simply nursing in public (which, by the way, is legal in all 50 states). So when her friend's daughter-in-law was approached by a man who asked her to "cover up" on a humid, 90-degree day, she knew she had to share the mom's response. As it turns out, the nursing mom obliged . . . kind of.

In a post to Facebook, Carol shared a photo of the mom's reaction to the man's request — which was to cover her own head with her baby's swaddle blanket — and it's epic. "I've never met her, but I think she's AWESOME!!!" Carol wrote. "I'm SO over people shaming women for nursing!!!"

We think she's awesome, too and are currently applauding.