Mom's Post About Her Kids' "Organic" Chicken Dinner Is the Most Relatable Thing Online Right Now

In theory, most of us want the very best for our kids. But in practice, they never get perfection. In fact, they're lucky if they get "good enough." A prime example of this juxtaposition came courtesy of author Bunmi Laditan. In a hilarious Facebook post, the mom blogger penned a description of the dinner she'd prepared for her children.

"Dinner tonight is maybe free-range possibly organic chicken, gently cooked in canola essential oils with hearty Irish potato spears served alongside fresh unwashed root vegetables naturally fortified with beta carotene and good intentions," she wrote.

The photo alongside her caption, however, painted a far more realistic picture: it showed three kids' plates surrounding a paper carton filled with to-go fried chicken and french fries next to a plastic-wrapped package of whole carrots.

But that's not all from this overachieving mom. She even prepared dessert: "The children will search 'chocolate cake' in Google Images and use their imaginations."

Feeling inspired by her meal prep? "Feel free to pin," she joked.