I Tried Calpak's New Baby Collection and Found the Diaper Bag of My Dreams

POPSUGAR Photography | Mirel Zaman
POPSUGAR Photography | Mirel Zaman
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Since having a baby about seven months ago, I've accumulated more diaper bags than seems necessary or even appropriate — at least a half dozen. I have big diaper bags, mini diaper bags, diaper backpacks, expensive diaper bags, cheap diaper bags, and tote bags that I now use as diaper bags. But until I tried the new Calpak Baby Collection, I still hadn't found my perfect diaper bag. Now, I have; in fact, I found two of them.

Calpak gained popularity over the past several years for their smart travel products. Calpak luggage, cosmetics cases, and packing cubes all make stowing and transporting your necessities super easy. So news that they were debuting a baby collection was met with a lot of excitement. After all, if anyone needs products that make it easier to stay organized while hauling a ton of stuff around, it's parents.

Calpak's Baby Collection includes six products: a diaper tote bag, a convertible mini backpack, a diaper backpack, a portable changing pad clutch, a convertible stroller caddy crossbody, and stroller straps that let the other bags hang from your stroller handle. Bonus: these straps also come with the crossbody. The brand let me try out the last four products in the collection — and they helped fill a hole in my diaper bag game that I didn't know existed.

What I Like About the Calpak Baby Collection

First things first: the Calpak Baby Collection products are light. All the products are made of the same recycled nylon, which is super lightweight, something I appreciate given how much gear I'm usually stuffing inside. My previous favorite diaper bag was durable, but it had hardwear that made it weighty even when totally empty; when it was full, it was a back injury hazard. Even when I stash my laptop and breast pump in Calpak's diaper backpack, along with the typical diapers, wipes, bottles, toys, etc., it doesn't have that extra heft, so carrying it around is that much easier. (Personally, I always prefer backpacks over shoulder bags; and Calpak's straps are wide and soft for even more comfort.)

The recycled nylon is also water-resistant and durable, two qualities that are a must in a baby line, considering the amount of bodily fluids they come into contact with on the regular.

I also love how simple the Baby Collection is. Each product looks clean and minimal from the outside. But inside, they have all the compartments you could need to keep your baby gear organized. I especially love the insulated bottle holders in the diaper bag and crossbody, which keep my bottles cool and safe when out and about, and the clutch's ingenious baby wipe compartment, which lets you access one wipe at a time, without having to pull out an entire package. (The Baby Collection's tote has the same feature.)

And because it's Calpak, they're designed with travel days in mind. The diaper backpack has a trolly sleeve that slips over luggage handles, for instance.

Finally, the magnetic closures make Calpak's bags easy to open and close one-handed, which is a must when you're juggling a squirmy little human.

Who's the Calpak Baby Collection Best For?

The beauty of Calpak's six-piece Baby Collection is that there's a product for every parent. Since I live in a city, I love the crossbody, which functions as a mini diaper bag when I'm just popping out to the store with my baby and only need a couple diapers, one or two toys, and an emergency bottle. It's the perfect size for my smaller stroller, or when I'm using a baby carrier and no stroller at all.

POPSUGAR Photography | Mirel Zaman

The bigger diaper bag, on the other hand, is roomy enough for longer excursions out, or for when I'm going straight from daycare drop-off to the office and need to stash my laptop, pump, and lunch along with a few baby essentials.

The portable changing pad clutch comes in handy when I want to pack even lighter. I typically keep it packed with wipes, diapers, and diaper cream; then I can just toss it into the bigger diaper backpack or my own purse as I head out the door. I anticipate it being super useful on trips — keep it in your carry-on to make mid-travel diaper changes that much easier.

The mini backpack is perfect for parents who need that mid-size option, between the larger backpack and the mini crossbody. And the tote is just right for parents who prefer a tote bag to a backpack.

What to Consider Before Trying the Calpak Baby Collection

The main differences between the products in the collection come down to size and design, so while some of the products can be used together (like the stroller straps and the diaper backpack), if you want to purchase just one of the bags, consider how you best like to carry gear (backpack, tote, or crossbody) and exactly how much equiptment you're usually toting to settle on the perfect fit for you.

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Where Is the Calpak Baby Collection Available?

The Calpak Baby Collection is available on Calpak.com.

Rating: ★★★★★

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