This Mom's Candid Photo Series Proves Breastfeeding Should Be Celebrated

Boston-based photographer Gina Brocker admits that breastfeeding her son was an extremely empowering experience for her despite being painful. In the hopes of inspiring other mothers throughout their breastfeeding journey, Gina created a stunning photo series titled "Latched On" that shows how feeding your child can be done anywhere.

"After giving birth to my son and experiencing breastfeeding firsthand, I became fascinated and passionate about the process," Gina told POPSUGAR. "I'm amazed that our bodies can create, birth, and nourish these amazing little humans — but it isn't without challenges and it doesn't always come easy. After navigating the typical uncomfortable and challenging situations, the need to share the realities of breastfeeding led me to begin this project."

For Gina, capturing the more challenging aspects of breastfeeding is just as important as showing the tender moments.

"Knowing the realities of breastfeeding gives us strength," said Gina. "It lets us know that we're not alone and that it's all very normal. By empowering families, the barriers of breastfeeding become more manageable and helps ensure they can continue their breastfeeding journey for as long as they would like."

"Meeting the needs of babies and children should be the priority. Not just of parents, but our society."

Gina wanted to leave the public with a final message:

"Meeting the needs of babies and children should be the priority. Not just of parents, but our society," she said. "Breastfeeding is the best possible way to ensure they get the nutrition and comfort they need, and there shouldn't be any additional barriers to that."

Luckily, Gina decided to share her photos with the world in honor of Breastfeeding Awareness Month in August. Scroll through to see some of Gina's most inspiring shots that prove moms can — and should be able to — breastfeed any place they need to.