This Dad's "My Kid Won't Sleep at Night" Parody Should Be a Bedtime Anthem For Parents

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Getting kids into a consistent bedtime routine can be . . . a hassle, to say the least. After a long day of school, homework, playing outside, and dancing along to the "Baby Shark" song, it's a wonder they don't instantly fall asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow. As a parent himself, singer and former The Voice contestant Chris Mann decided to write a Phantom of the Opera parody that captures the bedtime plight perfectly.

"Can someone tell me what I'm not doing right and tell me why my kid won't seep at night?!" Chris sang. "What the hell?! Is he up?! No way! I just laid down! . . . He'll be fine." The exhausted dad also goes on to vent about story time, teething, and how stirring up a martini helps him wind down at the end of a "sh*t show" kind of day. Watch the hilarious parody video here, and read up on some tips to create an effective bedtime routine for kids.