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"Old Town Road" Daycare Closed Parody Video by Chris Mann

This Dad's Hilarious Spoof of "Old Town Road" Is an Ode to Daycare (Remember Daycare?)

It's been more than a month since most of our kids' daycares and schools have been closed, so singer and former The Voice contestant Chris Mann put together a hilarious parody of Old Town Road" (that little-known ditty by Lil Nas X featuring Billy Ray Cyrus). Much like his social-distancing-inspired cover of Adele's "Hello," his riff of this hit song is so spot on, it'll have childcare-less parents laughing through their kid's 17th snack request of the morning. "Yeah, I gotta play all day cause the daycare closed," Chris sings in the hook of the song. "I'm gonna cry till I can't no more."

The video shows Chris playing with his toddler son Hugo, while singing, "iPad, ice cream, throw a tantrum, and scream." And as with his other hilarious parodies, keep an eye on the subtitles for some hidden, unspoken gems. They are a parenting mood all their own.

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