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Kid's Cute Girl Scout Cookie Pitch Caught on Ring Video

This Little Girl's Iconic Girl Scout Cookie Sales Pitch Shows the Art of Making a Deal

6 Year Old Allie Knows How To Sell Cookies!

THIS is how you sell 200 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in 24 hours.

Posted by Ring on Friday, January 22, 2021

Allie Shroyer, a first-grader from Scottsdale, AZ, won't let the restrictions surrounding COVID-19 keep her from reaching her goal of selling as many Girl Scout Cookies as possible. In an adorable video that was picked up by her neighbor's Ring doorbell, we see Allie give an incredibly cute — and highly effective! — sales pitch that makes us want to order roughly a dozen boxes.

"Would you like to buy some Girl Scout Cookies? What kind would you like? My favorite kinds are the purple kind," she said before giving her potential clients a quick pricing rundown. "Would you like one? Or two, or three, or four, or five? Or six, or seven, or eight, or nine, or 10? I don't know, maybe 11, 12?"

And just in case flat-out asking the potential client how many boxes they wanted didn't work, Allie took another approach by suggesting they order according to their favorite color: "And what's your favorite color?" she asked. "Because the boxes are those colors, and maybe your favorite color . . . and then you can choose it, and then, well, yeah!"

According to Allie's mom, Kristen, their neighbor was so impressed with the pitch that she sent the video to Kristen. After her mom shared the clip on Facebook, Allie saw a spike in orders. "Her sales pitch was so successful that she sold over 200 boxes in the first 24 hours," Kristen told an ABC affiliate. Kudos to Allie for surpassing her goal!

Families who are interested in buying Girl Scout Cookies online can do so by visiting its website, but heads up, you need to know a "Girl Scout-er" like Allie to place an order.

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