Please Watch a Girl Effortlessly Mimic How Her Mom Acts When Taking Work Calls at Home

Mom of four Sara Visingard knows the struggle of trying to work from home with kids underfoot. And apparently, her 12-year-old daughter, Mackenzie, has picked up on some of her funny mannerisms over the last year. In a video that's taking off on LinkedIn, we see Mackenzie doing her best impression of her mom taking a work call, and it's almost too accurate.

"My 12 year old mocking me (and every mom who has worked during the COVID-19 pandemic), 🤣" Sara captioned the video, which shows Mackenzie holding a banana as a makeshift phone while frantically waving her arms to prevent any interruptions.

Amused by the impression, Sara admits her daughter totally hit it out of the park. "I thought, 'She got me good.' It's so wrong, but so on point," she told POPSUGAR. "I have four children ages five to 15, so it's a good depiction of my home at any moment!"