Literally Just 87 Photos of Fluffy, Adorable Cats That'll Make Your Day

I was a total and complete dog person until I moved into an apartment building that didn't allow dogs but had nothing against cats. After two years of living without a fluffy fur baby, I decided it was time to become a cat person . . . and the rest is history. Now the proud mama to two pretty kitties, Grey and Swayze, I'm unsure how it was ever possible I didn't see a cat and grit my teeth out of pure joy. Whether you are already a cat person or need some convincing, like I did, I'm here to convert you.

Warning: you will have a clenched jaw and teary eyes after scrolling through these photos of cats — it's unavoidable.

Unsplash | Nirzar Pangarkar

Look at those baby blues!

Unsplash | Danilo Batista

We just want to snuggle this little babe.

Unsplash | freddie marriage

Such a little fluff ball!

Unsplash | Chinda Sam

This kitty's coloring is so beautiful.

Unsplash | Erik-Jan Leusink

This little one is all ears!

Unsplash | danish ali

Alert and ready to play!

Unsplash | Dariusz Sankowski

This curious cat is a gorgeous color.

Unsplash | Roxanne Desgagnés

Just a handful of kitten.

Unsplash | Ramdan Authentic

Run, fluffy baby, run!

Unsplash | Dan Gold

Just a little cat nap on a basket.

Unsplash | Borna Bevanda

Skeptical, but so cute.

Unsplash | Erik-Jan Leusink

Feline yawns are the BEST yawns.

Unsplash | Matheus Queiroz

Whatcha lookin' at, kitty?

Unsplash | Sarah Ball

Curling up for a nap.

Unsplash | Maria Shanina

Aww, play time between little kitty and big.

Unsplash | Zoë Gayah Jonker

This cat needs a break from its walk.

Unsplash | Kazuky Akayashi

Can we get in on this cozy scene?!

Unsplash | Lukasz Szmigiel

Loooook at the pink toe beans!

Unsplash | Eric Han

Sleeping and showering at the same time, classic.

Unsplash | Biel Morro

This little Siamese has the prettiest eyes.

Unsplash | Borna Bevanda

This side profile is too cute to handle.

Unsplash | Erik-Jan Leusink

Hey there, kitten.

Unsplash | Steffen Petermann

Even cat silhouettes are gorgeous.

Unsplash | Alvan Nee

Just enjoying the crisp Fall air.

Unsplash | Vinícius Henrique

We wonder what this little one is looking at.

Unsplash | Chris Tweten

Any spot is the best spot when it's nap time.

Unsplash | Kate Miheyeva

Look at those precious big eyes!

Unsplash | Matthew Larkin

OMG, hello, little one.

Unsplash | Chris Yang

Hide and seek in action!

Unsplash | Koen Eijkelenboom

Look at this adventurous little tree climber!

Unsplash | Erik-Jan Leusink

Awww, sleepy nugget.

Unsplash | Kelly Sikkema

This kitty looks like it's watching its favorite show.

Unsplash | Edgar Edgar

Pensive little babe.

Unsplash | Erica Leong

Treat time? Dinner time? Play time? Who knows, but it's cute.

Unsplash | Kari Shea

This chair belongs to the cat now.

Unsplash | Matteo Palumbo

This outdoor kitty is so pretty.

Unsplash | Anton Darius

Zoning out in the sunshine.

Unsplash | Max Sandelin

Look at this little guy's spots!

Unsplash | Kazuky Akayashi

Awww, about to fall asleep.

Unsplash | Nick Karvounis

This cat looks like it got caught sneaking around!

Unsplash | Namcha ph

This cat doesn't look sure about being held by its human.

Unsplash | Lauren Kay

Is there anything cuter than a cat paw?

Unsplash | Gianandrea Villa

Curled up on a chair is the best way to spend an afternoon.

Unsplash | Jonathan Fink

Arms up if you love naps!

Unsplash | silviannnm

We want to boop this kitty's nose so badly.

Unsplash | Alex Pavlou

Asleep in the bottom of a bucket, like it's normal.

Unsplash | Paul Hanaoka

This fluff ball looks so serious.

Unsplash | Luis Mézquita

Look at this baby's little jingle collar!

Unsplash | Scott Webb

Sleepy, fluffy, and 100 percent cute.

Unsplash | Manki Kim

Awww, asleep in human's arms.

Unsplash | Pacto Visual

Look at those eyes!

Unsplash | Jez Timms

This cat has some growing to do if it wants to match that deer.

Unsplash | Kristen Lopez

This kitty almost looks like it was posing intentionally.

Unsplash | Erik Witsoe

On the fence tightrope.

Unsplash | Jari Hytönen


Unsplash | Jacalyn Beales

We wish we could pet this orange guy so badly.

Unsplash | Raul Varzar

Just hangin' around.

Unsplash | Hermes Rivera

Spying on the neighbors.

Unsplash | Emre Camcıoğlu

So many different colors in this little guy's fur.

Unsplash | Raoul Droog

Going on an adventure!

Unsplash | Jason Wong

Boxes make the best nap places.

Unsplash | Akemy Mory

Blending in with the floorboards.

Unsplash | Paul Hnaoka

This looks like the coziest blanket.

Unsplash | Alexander Possingham

This looks so peaceful.

Unsplash | Koen Eijkelenboom

This looks like a senior portrait, and we're here for it.

Unsplash | Cel Lisboa

Into the kitten's mouth.

Unsplash | Sabri Tuzcu

Arm-of-the-couch naps rule.