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What Kind of Health Problems Do Golden Retrievers Have?

9 Health Conditions to Be Aware of When You Adopt a Golden Retriever

What Kind of Health Problems Do Golden Retrievers Have?
Image Source: Pexels / Helena Lopes

Everyone loves the Golden Retriever: known for their loyalty, luscious fur, and activeness, they're practically the perfect puppy friend. And while thinking about our pup getting sick is a heart-wrenching proposition (even with something dog flu or throwing up after drinking water), it's important to know how your dog's health may progress as they get older, especially since it often happens when we least expect it. Golden Retrievers in particular face some specific types of ailments that all owners should be aware of. Being informed on these 10 common Golden Retriever health issues means you can catch them early for medical attention and be in better sync with your beloved pet. Goldens are incredibly lovable, popular dogs and are one of our best companions — so here's what you need to know to manage their health as thoroughly as you would your own! Keep reading to learn about possible health issues a Golden Retriever could face.

Golden Retriever Health Issues

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