This Enchanting Princess Maternity Photo Shoot Is Pure Disney Magic

Husband and wife photography team Vic and Marie got their start after learning that they couldn't have children of their own. Marie longed to be a mother and decided that being a maternity and newborn photographer was most likely the closest way that she could cuddle sweet little ones.

A year later, they went through an incredibly emotional time — learning they were expecting only to suffer a miscarriage at eight weeks — and after taking time to heal, they wanted to do something creative. Inspired by all of the buzz surrounding the new Beauty and the Beast movie, they wanted to do something that captured the love between Belle and the Beast.

"We wanted to go outside of that box, something no one had tried to do as of yet, and then it hit me, why not do all of the princesses in a group shot, expecting sweet little babies, and showing off their beautiful bump in a creative way?" Marie told POPSUGAR. "It was a fun project for me being a huge fan of classic stories and movies I grew up to and it was a fun project for Vic because it allowed him to do something he normally doesn't get the chance to do often."

Marie gathered a group of pregnant mamas and traveled over an hour away to Newman's Castle in Texas to create some Disney magic.

"We hope that expecting mamas that see these sweet photos of mommies in a completely different way than what is normally photographed and will give them the inspiration to want to hire a photographer to take some beautiful maternity photos!" she said. "It's such a sweet and beautiful moment in your life, a moment that not many can experience, and a moment that should be celebrated!"