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Dude Dad Spoof Video: "My Husband in Quarantine"

A Woman Spoofed What Her Husband Acts Like During Self-Isolation, and It's Scarily on Point

Now that we've been hunkered down inside for roughly a month, it's officially time to poke a little fun at each other! Recently, comedian Taylor Calmus of Dude Dad shared a hilarious video of what his wife, Heidi, has been like during self-isolation. But just two weeks later, Heidi got sweet, sweet revenge by doing her own rendition called "My Husband in Quarantine," and boy, is it rich.

Between asking her to "Disney+ something else," stating over and over again how he should fix anything and everything around the house, and putting a real lackluster effort into watching the kids, her spoof is the definition of on point. Throw in a casual nod to binging Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness (seriously, who hasn't watched that yet?!) and the fact that we always somehow return to watching reruns of The Office, and we're left wondering if Heidi actually installed cameras in our homes. Watch until the end for a much-needed laugh!

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