Read Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union's Powerful 13th Birthday Messages For Zaya Wade

Zaya Wade is officially 13! To celebrate the important milestone, Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union took to Instagram to share some seriously heartfelt birthday messages.

"I wanna take this moment to acknowledge you Zaya on your 13th birthday‼️" Dwyane captioned the sweet photos. "I've woken up every day this week with low energy and not a lot of faith in people. But waking up and watching you smile, watching you walk in your truth and live your life your way is one of the greatest gifts I've been able to experience in my life. In a world where the color of your skin is deemed a threat you continue to be the bravest person I know and I'm gonna stand by your side until there isn't anymore standing left to do. I love you more than words can articulate. I hope you feel all of my love today and everyday of your life. You're Bold, You're courageous, You are Zaya. Happy Birthday we LOVE you‼️"

And if her father's caption wasn't sweet enough, Gabrielle also posted a sweet photo with an equally as moving caption. "Happy Birthday baby!!! I can't believe you are 13!! @zayawade you are such an inspiration and motivation to get my butt up everyday and fight," she wrote. "When I'm weary, frustrated, full of rage, I see your face and your joy and you living your best life and I want that for all of us. I love you sooooo much kid!! Enjoy this day and everyday knowing you are loved, protected, respected, admired and celebrated."

Aw! How sweet. Happy 13th birthday, Zaya!