Stormi Webster Singing "Patience" to a Bowl of Candy Is the Cutest Thing on the Internet Today

In a realization I never thought I'd have, I aspire to have the level of patience possessed by 2-year-old Stormi Webster. Kylie Jenner recently shared a video of her adorable daughter participating in a challenge going around Instagram that asks children to not touch a tempting bowl of candy while their parent steps out of the room. Needless to say, Stormi passed with flying colors.

"So I'm gonna put the chocolate right here, OK? You can only have three of them — I'm going to give you three of them — but you have to wait until Mommy comes back," Kylie said before exiting the room. Though it seemed like Stormi was going to go for it as she leaned forward, she ultimately decided against it and instead started chanting, "Patience, patience, patience." It's verifiably Too Cute to Handle. Revisit the video above whenever you need a mood boost.