13 Elf on the Shelf Classroom Ideas That'll Have Students Scrambling to Get to School

Keeping kids entertained and excited during school can be difficult the closer they get to their beloved holiday break. Thankfully, by bringing Elf on the Shelf to the classroom, children will look forward to a long day of learning and, with an elf watching, behaving. His silly antics will keep the kids excited and help make any last-minute lessons before break fun for all. Here are 13 ideas for where that silly little elf can go each day.


Playing With the Classroom Pet

Children will love seeing their elf interact with the classroom pet.


The Classroom Helper

Elves can help teachers set up for the day.


Under Surveillance

Children will giggle with delight when they walk in and see their elf playfully dangling from the ceiling.


Encouraging Healthy Habits

Elves aren't just about silly games; sometimes they like to encourage children to brush their teeth!


Party Elf

When it's time to let loose for a little holiday fun, the classroom elf will know how to throw an excellent party.


Award Season

Children love getting recognized for their hard work, and having the elf "write" the notes will make it even more special.


Rocking Around the Clock

Even if your students can't tell time yet, the class will still love watching the clock.


Story Time

Everyone loves playing teacher, including the classroom elf.


Craft Cutter

Using children's scissors, he can model the craft project of the day.


The Wasteful Copier

Oh no! Your elf can go a little crazy with the copier.


Sticker Thief

Your silly elf is probably always getting into mischief, and that can include raiding the classroom supply box.


Healthy Eater

Encourage your kids to eat healthy snacks by having your elf put them together.


Calendar Monitor

Help keep track of the remaining days until break by having the elf be the calendar monitor.