The Best Halloween Costumes For Families of 4 (or Friend-Group Foursomes)

Halloween with a family of four is the perfect opportunity to dress up as your favorite characters from TV and film. Don't believe us? Well, we've rounded up some of the best family Halloween costumes that are easy to DIY ahead of spooky season. From "The Little Mermaid" to "Stranger Things," these are great because you can raid your closet for cute, DIY family costume ideas. You can also get a little more experimental and incorporate finds from the craft store or the costume aisle — your imagination (and closet) is the limit.

You can get the whole family involved with matching family-of-four Halloween costumes inspired by Disney characters, storybook characters, and even classic movie villains. You can also play with unique, conceptual ideas like Starbucks-inspired costumes and outfits influenced by your child's favorite TV shows. Whichever costume you land on, getting the whole family involved adds to the fun of trick-or-treating, parties, or spooky after-school fun.

While these costumes are made with families of four in mind, they'd also work great for any foursome you're part of — friends, coworkers, a pair of couples, etc. (Bonus points if you get the family dog in on the fun with these easy pet costume ideas.) Whether you're creating a four-person Halloween costume, a three-person Halloween costume, a costume for a growing family, or a sibling-centric Halloween ensemble, inspiration for the best Halloween costume is everywhere. See some of our favorite family-of-four Halloween costumes ahead.

— Additional reporting by Chanel Vargas


Family of 4 Halloween Costumes: Barbie, Ken, Rex, and Buzz From "Toy Story"

If "Toy Story" is a staple in the family movie night rotation, this toy-inspired family Halloween costume idea is perfect for you and your little ones. With a quick trip to the costume aisle, you can dress your kids up as Buzz Lightyear and Rex. You and your partner can also pay tribute to a pair of classic background characters — Barbie and Ken — while giving a subtle nod to Greta Gerwig's "Barbie" movie.


Family of 4 Halloween Costumes: Starbucks Coffee and Baristas

Even if not everyone in your family drinks coffee, you can still create a sweet four-person Halloween costume if you dress up as baristas, Frappuccinos, or your favorite drink. While this family family went for the Starbucks theme, you can represent your favorite local coffee house, create your own coffee brand name inspired by your family's name, and use the group of four Halloween costume as an excuse to enjoy warm drinks after trick-or-treating. (Hot chocolate, anyone?)


Family of 4 Halloween Costumes: Good and Evil Minions From "Despicable Me"

Both yellow and purple minions make for an easy and fun four-person Halloween costume. Best of all, this family of four Halloween costume comes together with a few solid-colored shirts and some DIY skills. For the shirts, add your own logo with puff paint, paper and glue, or markers. You can even use mason jar lids, paper, and pens to create the minions' signature eyeballs.


Family of 4 Halloween Costumes: "Rugrats" Characters

This well-thought-out "Rugrats" ensemble ups the nostalgia factor big time. Because the show is about babies, this four-person Halloween costume is perfect for pregnant parents or showing off your newborn. Plus, you can break out your actual clothes from the '90s to make this retro family of four Halloween costume feel truly authentic.


Family of 4 Halloween Costumes: "The Little Mermaid" Characters

Whether your little ones are fans of the 1989 classic or the new live-action "Little Mermaid" movie, this Disney-inspired costume is the ultimate tribute to life under the sea. King Triton, Ariel, Sebastian, and Ursula make for a fun family of four Halloween costume, and you can swap in your favorite characters to customize the costume even more.


Family of 4 Halloween Costumes: The "Beetlejuice" Cast

"Beetlejuice" is a classic film that has stirred up tons of family Halloween costume ideas over the years. If your kids haven't seen the movie yet, make a night of it and let your little ones choose their favorite character to dress up as. Since the film is so well-known, your four-person Halloween costume will be a hit at any party, even if you add in one of the more niche characters.


Family of 4 Halloween Costumes: "Encanto" Characters

Your whole family will want to dance in this adorable four-person Halloween costume inspired by Disney's "Encanto." Pick your favorite character and look the part in a colorful dress, breezy skirt, or sleek suit straight from your closet. Plus, if you're really looking to impress with this family of four Halloween costume, you can even show off your dance moves when you go trick-or-treating.


Family of 4 Halloween Costumes: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

If you're searching for family of four Halloween costumes, you can't go wrong with this storybook classic. This four-person Halloween costume is easy to put together: just grab some fake ears (preferably fuzzy), your favorite pieces of clothing in shades of brown, and a floral dress for Goldilocks. Add an extra layer of whimsy to the costume by using empty porridge bowls as candy baskets.


Family of 4 Halloween Costumes: "Stranger Things" Characters

This family went all out with their "Stranger Things"-inspired four person Halloween costume. Whether you've seen season four or not, this family of four Halloween costume is the perfect excuse to get into character. From Max and Eleven to Vecna and One, each of these supernatural costumes is relatively easy to pull off as long as you make sure to own your monster-fighting attitude.


Family of 4 Halloween Costumes: Van Gogh, Picasso, and Their Paintings

Get in touch with your artistic side this Halloween and break out the face paint for your four-person Halloween costume. For Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso, you'll need a set of hats and paint brushes to get your point across. For their artwork, have fun creating cardboard portrait frames and using plenty of paint to bring the "works of art" to life. Plus, you can switch up the paintings and artists to reflect your family's personal favorites and still have a stunning family of four Halloween costume.


Family of 4 Halloween Costumes: Circus Performers

If your house ever feels like a full-blown circus, make it a fun one with this family of four Halloween costume inspired by the talented performers inside. For the ringleader, make sure to secure a statement coat and matching top hat. The rest of the family can round out the colorful four-person Halloween costume with looks inspired by clowns, tightrope walkers, trapeze artists, mimes, and even snack vendors. Whichever outfit combo your family chooses, this is one family of four Halloween costume that's sure to be fun.


Family of 4 Halloween Costumes: Bluey's Family From "Bluey"

Kids and adults alike are obsessed with Bluey, her sister Bingo, her mom Chilli, and her dad Bandit. Whether you watch the show with the kids or sneak an episode on when you need a smile, pay tribute to the cartoon family with your four-person Halloween costume this year. All you need are light blue shirts, orange shirts, and DIY dog ears — bonus points if you get all of their spot patterns correct.


Family of 4 Halloween Costumes: Bees and Beekeepers

Give your family an un-bee-lievable holiday with this adorable four-person Halloween costume inspired by one of nature's cutest insects. Instagram user @brittneybaldwin and her family kicked the costume up a notch by styling the adults as beekeepers and the kids as the busy bees, complete with wings and antennae. No matter how big your hive is, this looks like one sweet family of four Halloween costume that the entire neighborhood will be buzzing about.