These Epic Cake Smash Outtakes Will Leave You in Hysterics

When parents plan cake smash sessions, they typically have a clear vision: their angelic child, dressed in an adorable outfit, enjoying their first taste of cake in honor of his or her birthday. As their kiddo lights up after a heavenly taste of frosting, they hope to capture some memorable photos — and sure, some are bound to involve the little one getting messy. But as new parents quickly learn, life doesn't always go as planned, and neither do cake smash sessions. From tots who turn out to be terrified of the round thing placed in front of them to pets that decide to photobomb the big moment (while attacking the cake at the same time!), the only thing better than adorable cake smash photos are the hysterical outtakes. Check out these epic photos, and be prepared to laugh until it hurts.


The birthday girl who was outraged by her Golden Retriever's photobomb.


The little guy who had to take care of some business.


The little boy who clearly isn't a fan of sprinkles.


The toddler who just needed a minute to express her love.


The tot who couldn't handle the pressure.


The boy who didn't want to share — especially with his dog.


The child who had absolutely no idea what she was supposed to be doing.


The girl who didn't appreciate being bopped by balloons.


The little one who wasn't pleased with the consistency of her frosting.


The little boy who took his task very seriously.


The little one who was seeing nothing but rainbows . . . and hated it.


The sweetheart who couldn't handle sticky fingers.


The girl who was beyond terrified of her cake.


The little one who was grossed out after just one taste.


The birthday boy who was thoroughly disturbed by the number on his cake.


The tot who was overwhelmed by the feathers and underwhelmed by the size of her cake.


The baby who just completely missed her mouth.


The baby who panicked about her dry-cleaning bill after realizing there was cake in her toes.