20 Hocus Pocus Party Details That Will Put a Spell on Absolutely Everyone

Hocus Pocus first hit theaters all the way back in 1993, but despite it being an old-school favorite, new generations fall in love with the Sanderson sisters every year thanks to reruns (we already can't wait to watch it numerous times in the next few months). But even if you don't live in Salem, you can still transform your living room into the spooky and historic town for your kids' Halloween party or birthday party (no matter what time of year it is). From the sisters' signature hairstyles to movie quote posters, there are so many fun details from the movie you can add to your party decor to put a spell on your guests (just try to avoid lighting the Black Flame Candle). We wouldn't want the sisters to actually come back, now would we?


Boo-rific Sign

Who knew that some simple letters could be transformed into the Sanderson sisters?


Book Brownies

These bite-sized treats of Winnie's beloved spell book are almost too spooky to eat . . . almost.


Party-Favor Pins

These sweet pins would make perfect party favors for guests as they head out into the dead of night.


Spell Book Food Descriptions

A nice way to tell your guests what they're about to eat is to display the dish name on spell book sheets.


Adult's Poison Bar

If you invited a few adults to your kid's party, make sure they can let loose by making their own poison — I mean, drink.


Trick-or-Treat Bags

Remember how all Dani wanted was for her big brother to take her trick-or-treating so that she could get some candy? Give your guests something sweet with these adorable gift bags.


Color-Coordinated Decor

You don't have to go all-out to make a food table that wows. What makes this station work so well are the little touches of decor, like the "Amuck" poster and the witches' hat.


Sanderson Sisters Sign

The sisters' hair is as iconic as it comes, and makes a perfect addition to signage.


Apothecary Jars

Witches brew can't be made without a few helpful ingredients. This chic decor is reminiscent of an apothecary in the Sanderson sisters' home.


Purple Table Settings

Keeping colors coordinated helps, especially if the purple is the same as Mary Sanderson's hair.


Eclectic Table Setting

Mixing patters is totally acceptable here, considering the Sanderson sisters were not known for subdued looks.


Colorful Hocus Pocus Sign

This colorful sign is a nice way to welcome guests to the party.


Movie Treats

Since you'll probably watch the movie after all, it's helpful to have a spooky candy station.



Since Hocus Pocus takes place on Halloween, this is the perfect party to get dressed up for. Use a cereal box to create the spell book.


Black Cat Cookies

I think Thackery Binx would approve of these delectable desserts.


Monochrome Pumpkin

Pumpkin decorations are taken to the next level when painted black and silver.


Sanderson Sisters Mouse Ears

Since this movie hails from the house of mouse, what better way to get your Hocus Pocus on than with some adorable ears?


Spell-Binding Frame

A little Hocus Pocus magic throughout the house is easy to do by putting spell-binding pictures in frames.


Adult's Glassware

The adults at the party need favors, too! These glasses are the perfect way to relax and watch one of greatest Halloween movies of all time with the kiddos.


Onesie Costume

Let the littlest guests get in the party mood with this adorable onesie.