25 Holiday Jokes That Will Make Your Kids Belly-Laugh Like Santa

Kids are natural-born comedians, so it's always hilarious when they test out their new material at home. Chances are you're biased when it comes to your own kid, but you have to admit . . . they're pretty darn funny, even if their stand-up routine sometimes leaves you scratching your head. So why not help your aspiring Kevin Hart or Amy Schumer nab the title of Class Clown this Winter? Next time your mini me makes you LOL at breakfast, return the favor with one of these holiday-themed riddles. Not only will you share a good laugh together, but you'll also help them give joy to the world (and you).

  1. "What do Santa's elves learn at school?" Answer: "The Elfabet."
  2. "What do Santa's elves drive?" Answer: "Minivans."
  3. "What does Santa like to do in the garden?" Answer: "Hoe, hoe, hoe!"
  4. "What do Santa's elves drink?" Answer: "Minnesoda."
  5. "What is Claustrophobia?" Answer: "The fear of Santa Claus."
  6. "What breakfast cereal does Frosty the Snowman eat?" Answer: "Snowflakes."
  7. "What do you call a cat sitting on the beach on Christmas Eve?" Answer: "Sandy Claws."
  8. "Where does the snowman hide his money?" Answer: "In the snow bank."
  9. "What kind of cars do elves drive?" Answer: "Toy-otas."
  10. "Why did the Christmas tree go to the barber?" Answer: "It needed to be trimmed."
  11. "What kind of motorcycle does Santa ride?" Answer: "A Holly Davidson."
  12. "What do you call a bankrupt Santa?" Answer: "Saint Nickel-less."
  13. "What do you get when you cross a Christmas tree with an apple?" Answer: "A pineapple!"
  14. "What is a parent's favorite Christmas carol?" Answer: "Silent Night."
  15. "What do you get from a cow at the North Pole?" Answer: "Ice cream."
  16. "Why do mummies like the holidays?" Answer: "Because of all the wrapping!"
  17. "Why don't aliens celebrate Christmas?" Answer: "Because they don't want to give away their presence."
  18. "When does New Year's Day come before Christmas Day?" Answer: "Every year!"
  19. "Why does everybody like Frosty the Snowman?" Answer: "Because he is so cool!"
  20. "Which reindeer likes to clean?" Answer: "Comet."
  21. "Why was the little boy so cold on Christmas morning?" Answer: "Because it was Decembrrrrr!"
  22. "What do you get if you mix a vampire with a snowman?" Answer: "Frostbite!"
  23. "What does Mrs. Claus say when there are clouds in the sky?" Answer: "It looks like rain, deer."
  24. "What do snowmen take when the sun gets too hot?" Answer: "A chill pill."
  25. "Why didn't Rudolph get a good report card?" Answer: "Because he went down in History."