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Jake Johnson Shares a Hack For Getting His Picky Kids to Eat

Wow, Jake Johnson's Hack For Getting His Picky Kids to Eat Is Actually Brilliant

Parents of picky eaters, rejoice! Nick Miller — er, I mean Jake Johnson — has come to your rescue. During a recent appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, the New Girl actor explained how he gets his two kiddos to actually eat his home-cooked food, and you'll want to implement the genius trick during every single dinner. "Cooking meals for kids is such a thankless gig," he joked, noting that his 6-year-old twin daughters usually request a bowl of cereal after taking one bite of anything he whips up. Sound familiar?

As a workaround, Jake makes them pretend they're judges on a cooking show so they feel compelled to finish every last bite. "All of the sudden, they'll eat the whole meal because they're a judge. So they'll say, 'I like the texture, but I don't love the cheese on the quesadilla' . . . and they'll have to take another bite." How brilliant! So, uh, can Jake release an entire book of parenting hacks or what?

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