Max Greenfield's Son Had His First Day of Home Preschool, and It Went, Um, Just Look

In the spring, New Girl alum Max Greenfield made us all crack up with his photos and videos that chronicled his daughter Lilly's experience with virtual, at-home learning. The fourth grader made it through the year thanks to (we think) Max's help, and now, after a summer hiatus, Max is back; this time with his nearly 5-year-old son, Ozzie, who is starting preschool.

And well, it's going . . . well?

On day one of Ozzie's homeschooling experience, Max shared a telling photo of his son featuring a laptop sleeve covering his head. "First day of home preschool," he captioned the photo, keeping it simple.

This may not seem like much to laugh about, but we're hoping that as he did with Lilly, Max will continue to share hilarious moments from Ozzie's at-home school experience. And though we're not sure whether Lilly will be attending the fifth grade in person or virtually, we're sure that if she's home as well, this school year should make for some very silly Greenfield family moments. Stay tuned!