Jimmy Fallon's Daughter Loses Her Tooth While He Interviews Ciara Because WFH Life Is Fun

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If you are still wondering how parents are working without their kids getting quite literally up in their business all day, let Jimmy Fallon and Ciara simultaneously remind you that they're not.

On the latest episode of The Tonight Show: At Home Edition, Jimmy was interviewing Ciara and Russell Wilson about how they donated a million meals to Feeding America when his 6-year-old daughter Winnie burst through the (ahem) closed door.

"Daddy! Daddy!" Winnie can be heard shouting offscreen as Jimmy puts on his best "I'm doing something important – do not come in here" face.

But then, she explains: "Daddy, I lost my tooth!"

And just like we've all had to do during these times, Jimmy switched gears instantly: "Wait, hold on. Come here right now. Sorry. "What?! What do you mean? Show me!"

He scoops her up and implores Winnie to tell Ciara and Russell "the big news." She explained that her mom, Nancy Juvonen, "put a string around my tooth and tried to pull it out, and it worked," which prompted Ciara to share a story about how her son's first tooth popped out. Jimmy then shared the Ziploc baggie with Winnie's sixth tooth in it, and everyone started talking coyly about the Tooth Fairy until his youngest daughter, Franny, burst in. Eventually, they were able to return to the business at hand, but, as Jimmy said, "You guys clearly know what it's like."

Oh, we do, Jimmy. We really do.