Jimmy Fallon’s Daughters Heckled Every One of His Jokes in His Tonight Show Monologue

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Jimmy Fallon has really gotten into a rhythm with The Tonight Show: At Home. There's always a great Zoom interview with a self-isolating celebrity, it always ends with a trip down his cool indoor slide, and he always kicks things off with a monologue of topical jokes. But, are they funny? Without an audience to laugh at his coronavirus-themed routine, he's taken to adding his own laugh track or, as he did in the latest episode, asking his two kids to weigh in.

"If you like the joke, give it a thumbs up," Jimmy told his daughters – 6-year-old Winnie, who also happens to be the sole member of the show's current graphics department, and 5-year-old Franny – at the start of Thursday's episode. If they didn't like it, he suggested, they could stick out their tongue and blow a raspberry.

So, one after one, he delivered a joke and was met with nothing but raspberries from the peanut (or, popcorn, as it were) gallery behind him. Perhaps they just needed to google a picture of Ken Burns, or perhaps they should have waited until after the setup to cast judgment, or perhaps they shouldn't take his jokes about them ("I think my family is getting a little tired of me, too. This morning, they said, 'We know it's dangerous out there, Dad, but why don't you just give it a shot?'") too personally. But the results were always the same: a resounding "pppffhlill."

Throughout the episode, the girls also asked, "What are hashtags?" without sticking around for an answer, clomped up the steps in play shoes, and performed what Jimmy calls "goodnight music" on the piano.

They may be hecklers, but at least they are adorable ones.