Serving Frozen Pizza For Dinner and 18 Other Times Joanna Gaines Was an Average Mom

Joanna Gaines may design perfect, gorgeous homes for her clients and whip up delicious looking treats for her restaurant and bakery, but when she goes home, she's just your average mom. Jo serves frozen pizza for dinner when she's in a bind, lets her kids play with plastic cups and toilet paper if it's keeping them busy, and finds piles of laundry all down the hallway leading to the washing machine — further proof that no mom can escape the life.

Whether you're already obsessed with Joanna like we are, or are just beginning to fall in love with the Gaines family, you'll appreciate these totally normal mom moments that prove that, at her core, Jo's one of us.


When she let Duke play all over the stairs even though he was blocking everyone's way.

Sometimes it's just easier to give in.


When she gave her kids any old thing to play with.

As it turns out, these plastic cups kept her kids and their cousins busy for a whole week. That's impressive!


When she didn't even have a minute to relax after a long day of work because Duke wanted to pickle peppers.

But that's a pretty cute request, so she rolled with it.


When her heart almost burst at this newborn cuddlefest.

The age gap between Jo's kids hasn't affected Crew's initiation into the family in the slightest.


When she shared her laundry room scene post-vacation.

Yup, that looks familiar.


When she was duped by a great Black Friday sale.

This foosball table was only about five times smaller than she expected it to be.


When she made frozen pizza for dinner.

Sometimes that's all you have the bandwidth for, and that's OK.


When she got excited about one of her little ones potentially following in her designer footsteps.

Move over, Jo — Ella may be the next big thing on HGTV!


When she had a late and messy night with her newborn.

We all know those all too well.


When she woke up to a room of superheroes.

Kids in costume 24/7 is pretty much the norm (a husband in costume, maybe not as much).


When she shared Emmie's sweet New Year's resolution.

Of course it mentions unicorns.


When she found her shower floor covered in plastic dinosaurs.



When she tried to be a cool mom in front of her kids.

But totally ate sh*t (how the hell do kids balance on those things?!)


When she happened upon a paper towel rabbit princess castle late at night.

Bedtime can wait until the rabbit princesses are situated.


When she realized that the bush she planted by her girls' window was a metaphor for parenting.

Sometimes the simplest things remind us about the basics of parenting.


When she reveled in the fact that Emmie was entertaining herself on a Saturday.

That is quite the DIY costume!


When she found a pair of her girls' shoes covered in mud.

At least they're playing outside?


When she had to somehow fit eating into her super busy schedule.

And even though it's homemade, gourmet-looking macaroni and cheese, of course it's macaroni and cheese.


When she got milkshakes with Drake dressed as a Stormtrooper.

Just a normal day in the life with kids.