Kid Puts on a Suit For His Zoom Class, Holds Up the "I'm on a Call" Sign When Dad Interrupts

Homeschooling has proven to be tough for parents, teachers, and kids alike, but some children are definitely thriving in this school-from-home environment. Brian Kieffer's 7-year-old son is one such child, who apparently takes online homeschooling so seriously, he's dressing up in business formal for his classes on Zoom and won't tolerate interruptions while he's working.

"My 7 y.o. put on a suit for his class Zoom this morning," Brian wrote on Twitter. "My wife told me I needed to go see it so I popped my head in to grab a pic. He was concerned I was going to interrupt him and flashed me the 'I'm on a call hand signal.' It took everything I have not to bust out laughing."

We, however, did crack up. No matter how homeschooling is going down in your house, know that somewhere out there, there's a 7-year-old pulling a Don Draper for the sake of his education.