This Family's Gender Reveal Featured a Live Alligator, So Cue the Anxiety

Move over, pink cakes and cardboard boxes filled with blue balloons, because there's a new gender reveal trend in town looking to dethrone you all: the live alligator gender reveal. OK, so maybe this isn't exactly going to be a new "trend," but one family in Louisiana is making headlines for their unique take on a gender reveal, featuring a live, 60-year-old gator named Sally and a hollowed-out watermelon rind full of a gelatin-like substance.

Mike Kliebert, who is expecting a baby with his partner, shared the now-viral gender reveal, in which the alligator chomped down on the watermelon rind to reveal whether the insides were pink or blue, live on Facebook. Kliebert, also known as "T-Mike, the Gator King," runs the Kliebert's Turtle and Alligator Farm and has been featured on History Channel's Swamp People.

Although we're not sure of the rules of handling an alligator, Kliebert says he has decades of experience handling, training, and wrangling alligators and notes that his work is dedicated to the preservation of the American alligator, so we'd recommend you don't try this one at home for your own gender reveal on a whim.