A Comedian Spoofed What It's Like to Have Kids Learning at Home, and God, the Accuracy

Mario Ramil, a comedian who knows a thing or two about what an adjustment virtual learning has been for students, recently shared a hilarious video spoofing on how kids act at home. Between constantly trying to figure out if they're on mute to asking for snacks every two seconds to completely oversharing with their class, he truly hits the nail on the head.

By the look of the video's caption, it seems like Mario is really just trying to give everyone a reason to laugh. "Shout out to all the kids, parents, and teachers out there," he wrote. "It's definitely been an...interesting school year." While there are oodles of super-relatable points throughout the clip, Mario's story about how his pet hamster died might just take the cake.

Watch until the end for a much-needed laugh because, hey, our children have definitely done all of these things while learning remotely!