"Please Put Your Lizard Away" and Other Things a Mom Overheard on Her Son's Zoom Lesson

Stephanie Hollifield, a mom and writer at Momstrosity, is doing her best to help her kiddos adapt to virtual learning. And while having the children home day in and day out is stressful, Stephanie shared some of the hilarious tidbits she overheard while her son was learning with his classmates online — and we can't help but laugh.

"Today, I listened while my son attended Zoom school," she wrote. "Did you know the students could push a button to 'raise their hands' and make a comment or ask a question? It was riveting! I made a list of some of my favorite comments from the students and the teacher." We pulled out a few of our favorites, but be sure to check out her full list:

  • "Friend, please put your lizard away. We don't bring lizards to school."
  • "My sister has a cat who chases lizards and eats off their tails."
  • "Why are some people here, but we....we can't even see them?!"
  • "My brother won't stop shooting nerf guns at me!"
  • "My dog keeps on having babies because my grandma lets her off the leash."
  • "I LOVE MY AUNT!!!!!"
  • "We do not have blankets on our heads at school. Put your blanket down."

If there's a silver lining to learning at home, it's that children can be unintentionally hysterical. Moreover, Stephanie took the time to acknowledge that teachers are the real heroes of virtual learning. "Bless these perfect patient saints," she said. "After seeing all that they put up with, I think all teachers automatically go to heaven."