Mom's Hysterical "Milk Bath" Wine Parody Gets Life With Toddlers

As a professional photographer, Brit knows all about the milk bath trend for expecting new mothers. But as a mom to a rambunctious 18-month-old, this hysterical mama also knows what happens when your newborn turns into a toddler: it can be a struggle, but wine certainly helps!

Brit explained that while many women are obsessing over milk baths, she's pining for nap times when her little one is asleep and she has a few minutes to herself. As a parody on the milk bath photo shoots, Brit did a unique session dedicated to wine. "My 18-month-old is driving me up the wall. I love the little dude, but I feel a mental breakdown happening soon," Brit told POPSUGAR Moms. "I thought, everyone is over here doing milk baths and showing the sweet side of motherhood, I think it's about time someone shows the REAL side of motherhood."

When her little one went down for a nap, Brit headed to the bathroom with a bottle of wine and called on her husband to snap some photos. "While babies need milk baths to renew their skin, mommas need wine baths to renew their souls," she wrote on her blog.

Amen to that!