This Mom Couldn't Have Worn a More Perfect Shirt the First Time Her Baby Slept Through the Night

One of the biggest things parents struggle with after having a baby is definitely getting enough sleep, so when a baby finally sleeps through the night, it's basically cause to throw a huge party. For one mom whose baby just slept through the night for the first time, she's celebrating with her fellow Reddit users through a hilarious photo that she couldn't have even planned if she tried.

"My [little one] slept through the night finally," Reddit user momminaintez wrote in her post on the breastfeeding subReddit. "My boobs are crying tears of joy."

And that, they actually were. The mom shared a photo of herself from the neck down wearing a gray sleep shirt, her boobs fully leaking all over it due to the fact that neither she nor her baby woke up for a middle-of-the-night feeding. But that's not even the best part — the shirt says "Not enough sleep" and has two sleeping eyes printed right on the chest. Her boobs are literally crying tears of joy.

We honestly can't decide which part is better: that her baby slept through the night, or that she got to document it in such an utterly perfect way.

Both, the answer is both.