29 No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas Perfect For Kids

Pumpkin carving is a Halloween tradition that's oftentimes overrated. Those pumpkin creations that you're seeing all over Pinterest may be inspiring, but they're often the work of an expert, not an ambitious mom and her kids — plus, the mess! Save yourself the hassle and potential danger that comes with wielding a knife and scooper, and instead try one of these 29 awesome no-carve pumpkin ideas this year.


Moana-Themed Pumpkin

This Púa and Hei Hei pumpkin is even easier if you print and cut out Hei Hei to stick on top of the pumpkin.


Frozen in the Fall

They want to dress Frozen characters and sing Frozen songs, so painting Frozen pumpkins is the natural next step!



Go for a pop of color by melting crayons at the stem with a hairdryer.

Big Bird!

Big Bird!

These Sesame Street-inspired creation only requires a little bit of craft paint and feathers, so go wild.



If you want to try a half-carve-half-paint pumpkin, this is the one.


Trick or Treat

Even if you wait until the last minute, you can still create something extraspecial with a metallic marker (and a steady hand!)


Frozen In Time

With a larger and a smaller pumpkin, you can make an Olaf Halloween pumpkin easily.


A Very Hungry Cater-Pumpkin-Pillar

Inspired by the beloved Eric Carle classic, this transformative approach to a bunch of pumpkins is absolutely adorable. Glue on felt circles for the spots, and pipe cleaners make fantastic antennae!


Sparkle and Shine

This pink and gold pumpkin is a more cheerful take on Halloween.


Paw-fect Halloween Decor

Painting a pumpkin Marshall should delight the little Paw Patrol fans in your family.


Halloween Glow Up

Bust out the glow paint and make your pumpkin shine.


Keep it Classic

Paint all the spots you'd usually carve for a simple version of the classic Jack-O-Lantern.

Pipe Cleaner Spider
Flickr user Sappymoosetree

Pipe Cleaner Spider

Use a small pumpkin to create a fun Halloween spider for your front stoop. Your kids can paint the pumpkin all black, or decorate it with spooky spider features. Once the paint is dry, stick bent pipe cleaners into the pumpkin to create spider legs.


Unicorn Chic

Unicorns are very on trend right now. Why not give your pumpkin a little extra magic with pastel colors and a funky horn?


Candy Corn Can-Do

Spray paint creates the ombre look of this candy corn-inspired duo. Just make sure your little ones don't try to take a nibble!

Three Blind . . . Gourds!
Flickr user Jennifer

Three Blind . . . Gourds!

This clever take on the Three Blind Mice turns a trio of pumpkins or gourds on their sides.



Your mini me can go the sweet route and paint minipumpkins to look just like her favorite food.

Geometric Patterns
Country Living

Geometric Patterns

A beautiful mosaic pattern is a sophisticated way to decorate for the holiday.

All in the Family
Flickr user oddharmonic

All in the Family

This "family portrait" is truly one of a kind. While this one was pretty masterfully done, we think that the results will be adorable no matter your kids (or your own!) abilities.

Bedazzled Pumpkins
Swell Designer

Bedazzled Pumpkins

With the help of tacky glue and handfuls of sparkling sequins, your child can create a festive no-carve pumpkin that seriously glitters this Halloween.

Trendy Chevron Stripes
My Sweet Savannah

Trendy Chevron Stripes

My Sweet Savannah shares a tutorial on how to create modern, chevron-striped pumpkins that will turn your front step into a chic Halloween celebration.

Relief Scraping
Country Living

Relief Scraping

You don't have to carve, just scrape to get this tree ring pattern.

Chalkboard Style
Small Fry Blog

Chalkboard Style

Your kids can create anything they want — as often as they want — after you cover their pumpkin in chalkboard paint!

Painted Faces
Flickr user eas83

Painted Faces

Ditch carving intricate jack-o'-lanterns and use black-and-white acrylic paints to create smiling pumpkin faces instead. Simply use a paintbrush in place of a knife to create these Halloween gourds.

Big Jewels
Flickr user frykitty

Big Jewels

To get this glam look, start by letting your little one coat the outside of the pumpkin with black acrylic paint using a foam brush or roller. Once the pumpkin is dry, use tacky glue to squeeze dots around the painted gourd, then press on big, glittering, clear plastic jewels. Finish it all off by painting the stem with silver acrylic paint.

'Stached Pumpkins
Annily Green

'Stached Pumpkins

With just a bit of black felt or heavy tag board, you can create minimalistic, artistic mustache Halloween pumpkins just like blogger Annily Green. Simply cut out the shapes, then your little one can adhere with tacky glue.

Finger Painting
Getty | Cavan Images

Finger Painting

Get the little kids involved to make these colorful pumpkins.

Baby Boo
Getty | ArtMarie

Baby Boo

This mini-pumpkin project is a low-effort way to get in the holiday spirit.