In Honor of Mother's Day, This Photographer Created a Moving Series to Show How Much Moms Do

In honor of Mother's Day, Giedre Gomes, a photographer from Cedar Lake, IN, is paying tribute to mothers everywhere through a moving photo series. Shot documentary-style, the photos are meant to remind us of just how much moms do every single day, especially in the time we're experiencing now.

"Motherhood is not easy, and because of Covid19 is even harder now than ever."

"Motherhood is not easy, and because of Covid19 is even harder now than ever," Giedre wrote on Facebook. She added: "As the saying goes 'A mother's job is never done' or is it? Depends on who you ask." Giedre said Meg Veen, the subject of her photos, has been seemingly "losing her mind these last few weeks." Like many parents, she's now juggling work with being a stay-at-home parent and a teacher all at once. "Groundhog Day is an understatement!"

Given many parents' new responsibilities, trying to find even a moment for yourself is nearly impossible these days. "This Mother's Day make sure to give your mother a break!" wrote Giedre. "As a mother of two sons myself, I can tell you, she really NEEDS one. Your mom really does do a ton to hold a house hold down."

Ahead, get a peek at Giedre's moving photo series, which is truly an ode to the parents everywhere who are doing the best they can!