Teleflora's New Mother's Day Ad Celebrates Moms Doing Their Best Right Now

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Flower delivery service Teleflora is known for its sweet Mother's Day ads, but its spot for this year's holiday, which will take place while families practice social distancing, is perhaps the most touching thus far. Featuring video clips from real families, "A Mother's Love" celebrates moms doing their best in this "new normal."

"As a working mom of two young children, navigating all of these changes from home, I deeply identify with how moms are feeling right now," Teleflora's vice president of consumer marketing, Danielle Mason, said in a press release. "Seeing moms posting on social media about their experiences and their feelings, both good and bad, we knew it was going to be a very different Mother's Day and wanted to recognize these unusual circumstances and Herculean efforts. Moms, while anxious about how their children will be affected by this experience, need to know that they are making a tremendous impact, and with each day, they are writing their own unique story that will be told for generations." Watch the full ad above!