These Photos of Kids With Autism Prove "Being Seen as Different" Can Be Seriously Beautiful

Sarah Driscoll, one of the founders of Spectrum Inspired — a group of volunteer photographers who raise autism awareness by taking pictures of children who are affected by it — knows the power that photography can have. Because of this, she says that Spectrum Inspired has one goal: to get others to see that people with autism aren't all that different.

"Autism is just another color on the rainbow. It's just another form of beauty."

"We understand what it feels like to have our lives impacted by autism," Sarah told POPSUGAR. "We understand how it feels to hold a child in our arms who is being seen as 'different' when we know the better wording for them would be 'unique.' Our mission is to empower the population affected by autism and educate those who are not through the use of photography, which is relatable to everyone, bridging the gap between what we see as normal vs. different."

As far as Sarah is concerned, there's absolutely nothing wrong with shining a little light on being unique — a fact that everyone should be able to get behind.

"We believe it's time for the world to understand, become educated and inspired by the beautiful struggles and successes of the families and children touched by autism. We sincerely hope that bit by bit, puzzle piece by puzzle piece, family by family, and story by story, we spread autism awareness and create a deeper understanding that the world is made up of all kinds of beautiful spirits — many who face challenges daily. Autism is just another color of the rainbow. It's just another form of beauty. We want to instill and reiterate over and over again that a child with autism is unique. Just like everyone else."

In an effort to create a dialogue around the spectrum disorder in honor of Autism Awareness Month, which lasts the entirety of April, we've rounded up some of the best work from photographers throughout the US who have the same mission as Spectrum Inspired. Scroll through to see some of the most breathtaking shots.

Jamie Cramble Photography | Spectrum Inspired