This Adorable Princess and the Frog-Themed Cake Smash Is Serving Up Some Big Princess Energy

How's that line go again? "If you do your best each and every day, good things are sure to come your way?" That's what we thought, and this gorgeous Princess and the Frog-themed cake smash channels the sweet message from the beloved Disney flick. Photographer Lynn Puzzo of Fayetteville, GA, was recently asked to stage a Tiana-inspired photo shoot starring Zoie, who will celebrate her first birthday on Nov. 3. Naturally, she went above and beyond to get every little detail just right.

"Zoe's mom, Brandis, chose Princess and the Frog as her theme for her baby girl's session," Lynn told POPSUGAR over email. "Although I am a huge Disney fan, I had not yet seen the movie, so I anxiously waited for it to come on TV to learn all about Tiana! I immediately fell in love with Tiana's character. She is so motivated and driven."

Determined to make the pictures really pop, Lynn got to work gathering all the props she needed — including a stuffed frog. "I wanted to create the set to have a bayou feel to it," explained Lynn. "I used moss, lily pads, water lilies, and some other greenery to complement the beautiful Tiana-inspired backdrop, which I purchased for the session. And, of course, the adorable frog was an absolute necessity!"

And this isn't the first Disney-themed session she's done. Lynn previously shot a full-blown Aladdin cake smash that even Jafar would smirk at! Read on to get a peek at these sweet photos, which would certainly get a princess's stamp of approval.