After Miscarrying Last Mother's Day, 1 Mom Is Celebrating Rainbow Baby Twins

Bali Mitchell had been experiencing an easy and "normal" pregnancy until it suddenly wasn't. During the week of Mother's Day 2016, this mom-to-be suffered a miscarriage and instead of celebrating motherhood and the impending arrival of her second child, she spent the day mourning her loss.

"The nurse at my D&C was the only person besides my husband who looked me in the eyes and said, 'I'm sorry about your baby,'" Bali told POPSUGAR. "I came home from the hospital and was a shell of myself. I couldn't enjoy my husband and toddler's Mother's Day efforts because I honestly just didn't even feel like a person. I was moving through life and my body was on autopilot."

However, exactly a year later, things are drastically different. Although the thought of last Mother's Day still brings her to tears, Bali is thrilled to announce that she is pregnant with twins. To celebrate her pregnancy, this grateful mom decided to have a rainbow-inspired photo shoot in honor of her two rainbow babies. A "rainbow baby" is a term that many parents use to a little one conceived after a miscarriage or stillbirth. This phrase honors the baby they lost while also showing that that there is light after even the darkest storms.

"Bali came to me wanting to do something special to celebrate the life of the baby that passed and the two new lives that she is now carrying. She had the idea of using smoke bombs to create a rainbow and I absolutely loved it!" Bali's photographer, Amber Greene, said. "I know that Bali does not love herself in pictures, so I wanted to make sure to capture how amazingly gorgeous and strong she is. Bali told me she cried when she first saw the shot, which for me is the biggest compliment because my goal as a photographer is to create art that captures emotion and beauty, and I feel with Bali, we were able to do both!"

Bali agrees that she felt like a "majestic pregnant lady" in this moment but wants others to see something else in her photo. "I hope other people realize that one in four women have miscarriages. I hate that it's not talked about because I have never felt more alone," she said. "I hope people understand that these things can way on your mental health and it's OK to seek help. My toddler pushed me to dig myself out of my hole because I needed to be here in my heart and mind for him. Find support from a loved one, a friend, a therapist ... someone. You deserve to be happy."