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Mother's Day Challenges

The 1 Thing You Need to Remember on Mother's Day (Aside From Your Own Mom)

Mother's Day is a beautiful holiday intended to celebrate some of the most important women in our lives. However, this day has different meaning for each person and although it's lack of religious affiliation may make it seem universal and something that everyone can connect with, this particular day isn't pure joy for every person.

While some mamas are being awoken to handmade cards, breakfast in bed, and Popsicle stick craft gifts, there are other women who are struggling to conceive, moms who are suffering after a miscarriage, and dedicated stepmoms who are left feeling like the other woman. Although it's wonderful to be grateful for all that you have on this special day, it's equally important to remember others before you humblebrag on social media, because your words have power.

Just as some women could be extra hurt by an April Fools' Day pregnancy announcement prank on social media, these particular groups deserve just as much sensitivity and awareness on Mother's Day.

  • Single moms: many hardworking mamas don't have spouses or significant others to shower them with gratitude on this day.
  • Women going through infertility: for many women struggling to conceive, they would give anything to celebrate this holiday in any form — even with a crappy, burnt, and early breakfast in bed.
  • Women who have recently miscarried: these moms are dealing with their new reality — being a mom without a baby.
  • Stepmothers: many of these dedicated parents don't have the official mom title, but love and do things for those children just the same.
  • Kids who have lost their mom: both adults and children who have lost their mom are often grieving for her on this day more than ever.
  • Moms who have lost their kids: whether it was due to illness or an accident, no mom should have to experience the pain of a child's death and this tragic loss is certainly felt on Mother's Day.
  • People who have never met their mom: those who didn't grow up with their mom or never met her are often reminded of this and can feel a sense of loss.
  • Adoptive and foster moms: even though these women didn't physically carry their children for nine months, it doesn't make them any less of a mother.
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