Meet Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr's 2 Kids, Charlotte and Rocky

As soon as Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar met on the set of "I Know What You Did Last Summer" in 1997, they became one of the most popular '90s couples, and now they're parents to two kids: 13-year-old Charlotte and 10-year-old Rocky.

Although the star couple can't avoid being in the spotlight, they've worked hard to ensure their children's privacy, especially as their kids have gotten old enough to have opinions about their lives being shared publicly. Still, the pair have found ways to share snippets of their family life with the public (even if it means having the kids facing away from the camera).

In September 2022, Gellar opened up about the challenges of parenting. "I think my hardest challenges are the ones I put on myself and the pressure that I put on myself to get it all right and be everything to everyone," she told POPSUGAR. She also shared that she and Prinze Jr. both recently made the decision to return to work after taking some time away while their kids were very young. "They get to an age where they're so much more independent," she said. "Thanks to the invention of FaceTime and all the things, you can still be connected and in a different way — and it just felt like that they were of an age where they could handle it." Both have since returned to the screen in a big way — Gellar is now starring in "Wolf Pack," which premieres on Jan. 26, and Prinze Jr. appeared in Netflix's "Christmas With You" in December 2022. But the pair's family clearly comes first.

Here's what we know about Charlotte and Rocky, from their super close birthdays to their challenges and more.

Charlotte Grace Prinze

Born Sept. 13, 2009, Charlotte Grace Prinze is Prinze Jr. and Gellar's first child. By age 7, her mother revealed, Charlotte was following in her parents' footsteps and taking on her first acting role.

"So no matter how hard we have tried (and believe me we have tried) to convince our daughter to find any hobby but performing, she has shown a great love (and talent) for being on the stage (wonder where she gets that from?)," Sarah wrote in a 2016 Instagram post. "She decided to join a musical theatre program for kids from 6-12 and be part of their production of "The Lion King." We tried to prepare her, that as she is one of the youngest, she would probably only have a small role . . . but nope . . . meet baby Simba!"

In November 2022, Prinze Jr. revealed to POPSUGAR Charlotte is still very much interested in acting. "My daughter is interested in the business," he says while discussing what drew him to his character's role as a father in Netflix's "Christmas With You." "My wife and I want to take a more active role and kind of show her the way, so to speak."

As she's gotten older, Charlotte, now 13, has developed a very strong opinion on the great debate of her mother's career: Team Angel or Team Spike? Sarah told Us Weekly in February that Charlotte "loves . . . Buffy and Angel."

Rocky James Prinze

Rocky James Prinze was born on Sept. 19, 2012, only six days after his big sister's third birthday. "Mother and baby are doing great. And Charlotte is VERY excited to be a big sister," a representative for the family told Us Weekly following Rocky's birth. As with Charlotte, Rocky has mostly been kept out of the spotlight by his parents.

Sarah did talk about Rocky in October 2020, when she spoke to Today's about discovering that he has myopia. Initially, she explained, she chalked it up to eye strain from switching to full-time online learning amid the pandemic, but she soon realized there was more to it. "They said not only did he have myopia — the common term is nearsightedness — but it was progressing extremely rapidly. . . . You have to go with your gut as a parent," Sarah said. "I think that's the best advice I've ever learned. You know your kid." Rocky apparently is not interested in wearing glasses, partly out of concern that it would affect his ability to play sports, but has been adapting to contact lenses.

As a family, they stay active together. "We're pretty strict about screen time," Sarah added. "During the school day screens are only for school, so there's no television, there's no texting friends, there's no nothing. As soon as school's out, we try to do physical activity outside as a family whether it's hiking or taking a walk or biking or swimming. We've also gotten really into board games."

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