Give These Sex Positions a Whirl If Your Pregnancy Hormones Are Raging

You're pregnant; you're feeling great; you're in the mood to get it on. Experts agree having sex during pregnancy can have positive long-term effects on both the mom and baby. "Sex is known to release endorphins and oxytocin — otherwise known as the 'love hormone' — allowing for relaxation and a sense of well-being," said ob-gyn Kecia Gaither, a maternal fetal medicine specialist at Montefiore Medical Center in New York City, in an interview with Women's Health.

So if you're feeling well enough to get it on with your significant other, go for it. There are no health reasons to abstain from enjoying sex for nine whole months. But as you get further along, there are certain, ahem, positions you should be wary of as you approach that nine-month mark.

The First Trimester
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The First Trimester

When it comes down to getting cozy with your partner during the first trimester, pretty much any position is fair game — if you can get past the morning sickness and exhaustion that comes with carrying a child, of course.

What to try: Experts agree woman in this stage of their pregnancy are free to try anything, as long as it's not too extreme or out of the ordinary (read: dangerous on a good day).

What to avoid: Nothing! There are no restrictions this early on.

The Second Trimester
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The Second Trimester

Twenty weeks is solid middle ground when it comes to pregnant women's sex lives — they're past all the toilet hugging of the first trimester but not so pregnant that tons of positions are off-limits. Your pregnancy hormones are likely off the charts at this point as well, which means you'll be itching for some hanky panky.

What to try: If you're feeling frisky, there are several options ranging from doggy style to reverse cowgirl. And if you're more comfortable standing up or sitting on a chair, that works, too.

What to avoid: The only major snag once you hit the second trimester is that any position on your back becomes a no-no. And yes, that includes missionary. "When you lie on your back, the enlarged uterus puts pressure on your aorta, which compromises blood flow to the placenta," said Dr. Streicher, an ob-gyn and the author of Love Sex Again, in an interview with Parents.

The Third Trimester
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The Third Trimester

If you're in the mood but wondering what is safe now that your belly is pretty round, there are more choices at week 28 and beyond than you think.

What to try: Experts agree that women should have sex in the position that puts the least amount of pressure on their bellies and backs. This means your best bets are spooning and positions where the woman is on top (such as cowgirl or its reverse). You can also try rear-entry, which is when you face away from your partner while holding onto something for support, like a wall or a table. It's all about the angle, ladies.

What to avoid: The rules for getting it on during your second trimester still apply when you're further along. Women who are in the home stretch of their pregnancy should avoid doing the deed on their backs.

Keep in mind that no sex position is necessarily dangerous or life-threatening per se — it's a matter of comfort for the soon-to-be mom.