Mom's Reaction to Holding Her Newborn Rainbow Baby Is So Powerful

Birth photographer Laura Fifield has documented several rainbow baby births and says they've all been special. However, a recent rainbow birth she captured has one particular standout photo that is giving us the chills.

After losing her third child due to complications from a tubal pregnancy, Lila and her husband Tim were devastated. When she conceived again following the loss, she was both excited and nervous for her rainbow pregnancy. "I gained an amazing appreciation [of the] delicacy of both pregnancy and my own life," Lila wrote on Laura's blog in a post sharing photos of her daughter's birth. "One year after experiencing our loss there I was holding the most precious gift of all, our fearfully and wonderfully made rainbow baby, Audrey Joy."

Among the photos Laura took, the above, featuring an overwhelmed Lila holding Audrey with a solitary tear dripping down her cheek, is a beyond-powerful photo that truly captures the bittersweet emotions that come with a rainbow baby's birth.

"In a way, documenting the rainbow baby birth of Audrey Joy was like watching life come full circle," Laura told POPSUGAR. "Lila's due date with Audrey was almost exactly one year from the date of her loss. Seeing the storm end with new life is a beautiful reminder of just how precious children are."

Ahead, see the rest of the stunning photos taken at Audrey's birth.