These Trendy Birthday Ideas For Teens Are Perfect For 2019

Sure, your teen may be getting older and too cool for many activities, but they'll never be too cool for a birthday party! From their first teenage years to their last, these ideas are perfect for celebrating and having a bit of fun. And because they're a bit older, your options are endless — and a little easier to pull off. From something small, like making sure your child has all of their favorite treats on their big day, to decking the house out for a party theme that really speaks to their hobbies and interests, there's something for every kind of party and personality. Keep reading for some inspiring teen birthday party ideas that will help you throw a celebration they'll never forget.


Flower-Themed Birthday Letters

If your teen loves nothing more than to be the center of attention, they'll love having their name displayed in big letters! It makes a great centerpiece for a birthday party — and a happy birthday Instagram.


Glamping Birthday Party

Your teen may be way too cool to enjoy family camping trips anymore, but they'll enjoy a glamping birthday party with all of their friends! Feel free to get creative with colors, decor, and treats.


Manicure Birthday Party

You don't have to treat your teen and their friends to a trip to a spa — this manicure birthday party is a something you can easily do at home! Have the attendees pair up and do each others' nails to make it really easy for you.


Picnic Birthday Party

This chic picnic is so cute, and totally easy to pull off. Some public parks have gazebos you can rent out for events like this, or you can even do it on your back deck. Just pack up your kid's favorite foods to eat out in the fresh air.


Neon Birthday Party

Throw your teen a birthday party that's as unique and colorful as they are. This neon theme features brightly-colored balloons, glow sticks, and even a neon dance floor! Blast all their favorite songs, and you're on your way to a memorable evening.


Bowling Birthday Party

Throwback to a classic kid birthday and take your teen and their friends bowling! Afterwards, set up a bowling-themed dessert table for them at home. This theme is cute, simple, and can really be done in any color scheme.


Rock Climbing Birthday Party

If your teen has picked up the rock climbing bug (or is just itching for a little physical activity), they'll probably love a rock climbing-themed birthday party. Find an indoor climbing wall and strap in! This cake would make a great centerpiece to a dessert table.


Spikeball Birthday Party

Show your teen just how cool you are by throwing them a Spikeball-themed birthday party! And, of course, you have to have an epic Spikeball tournament set up in the backyard.


Whataburger Birthday Party

Like In N' Out Burger out West, Texas fast-food chain Whataburger has a dedicated following. Whether you're based in the Lone Star State, or just have a fast food-loving teen, get in the burger spirit with a Whataburger birthday party. These cookies are a fun way to celebrate your fry-loving kid!


Tailgate Birthday Party

Fire up the grill and get tailgating! Add in finger foods, classic tailgate games, and a cooler full of soda, and you've got the perfect birthday theme for your outdoor- or sports-loving teen. The key is to make it feel laid back and rustic!


Desert Birthday Party

If your teen is up with the latest trends, this desert birthday party will be a hit, as it takes advantage of everything trendy. Incorporate elements like cacti, llamas, geodes, and crystals to really hit every note.


Yellow Birthday Party

This yellow birthday party is giving us some sporty Beauty and the Beast vibes! This birthday party decor shows how easy it can be to combine two seemingly different themes into one — perfect for when your kid can't make up their mind.


Rose Gold Birthday Party

For the teen who loves all things rose gold, this dessert table is sure to make them feel special. We love the minimalist flower backdrop, which can easily and fairly inexpensively be done with faux flowers!


Roller Skate Birthday Party

It was only a matter of time before roller skating made its comeback! Whether you have a roller skating rink nearby or not, you can get in on this theme with a pair of skates, classic rink food (think hot dogs and burgers!), and some retro dance music.


Sport-Themed Birthday Party

From basketball to baseball, to football and hockey and beyond, sports are almost always a good idea for a teen's birthday party. There are so many ways to do sports-themed treats and decor! You'll never run out of ideas.


Teen Bedroom Birthday Cake

This hilarious birthday cake is a great choice for the teen with a sense of humor. It's a pretty accurate representation of teenage life, and perfect for a party without a theme.


Donut Birthday Cake

An elegant birthday cake is a great centerpiece for a dessert table — especially when it has donuts, macarons, and popcorn on it. You'll satisfy all of your teens snack cravings in one delicious dessert. Plus, these pretty colors are perfectly on trend.


Succulent Birthday Treat Table

Got a teen with a green thumb? Throw a whole party themed around succulents! This treat table features succulent cookies, cupcakes, and a cake that look as pretty as they look delicious.


Succulent Birthday Party Favors

And of course, no party is complete without favors. While these would be perfect for a succulent-themed party, they really will work for any occasion. You'll score plenty of points for passing out the trendy plant. And luckily, succulents are relatively easy to grow — so they're perfect for teens.