From Now On, We're Only Buying Greeting Cards From Trader Joe's — They're Just 99 Cents!

Every Trader Joe's shopper has their staples. Personally, mine are hatch chile mac and cheese, rose water facial toner, and frozen apple blossoms, not to mention the fixings for my favorite TJ's dinner hack, lentil salad. But during a recent Trader Joe's blog scan (which I do every weekend before my grocery shopping), I noticed a major theme: people are freakin' obsessed with TJ's greeting cards.

The cards, which come in a variety of supercute prints and messages, are always 99 cents — that means no unexpectedly paying $8 for a loved one's birthday card and thinking "how is paper this expensive?!" Trader Joe's also collaborates with artists to roll out new designs regularly, so you won't make your way through the same five Mother's Day cards every year and come up short.

Who'd have guessed that the one thing you should always grab at Trader Joe's isn't even food? Check out some examples of the lovely 99 cent cards ahead, then read up on the grocery chain's other must-buy staples.

Prices and products may vary by Trader Joe's location.

— Additional reporting by Haley Lyndes