This Little Girl Has Mastered Beyoncé's "My Power" Dance From Black Is King, and Just Wow

Beyoncé's highly anticipated visual album Black Is King has no doubt taken the Beyhive by storm. But an especially young fan, 6-year-old Grey Skye Evans, has gone as far as to emulate Bey's dance moves to a T. In an incredible video that's making its rounds on social media, Skye performs the dance to "My Power," and boy, is she talented!

"So we all watched Black Is King on Saturday, and we loved it," Grey's mom, Ylleya, told POPSUGAR. "Afterwards, we went on TikTok and saw that 'My Power' was already starting to trend! She practiced for maybe 10 minutes and had it down. However, we waited until Sunday morning to actually film the dance because it was dark and the house lighting is terrible! We realized she had a red dress that she wore on her 6th birthday in March that looked similar, so we put it on. The rest is history!"

Often referred to as "Greyoncé" by her family, Grey is already widely known for her impressive moves with 541,000 Instagram followers. Ahead, get a look at some of her jaw-dropping dances.