A Mom Is Taking the Pressure Off Parents Before Play Dates Even Happen, and More of This, Please!

Mom of five Anjuli Paschall doesn't give a hoot if your house is clean before she brings her kids over for a play date. In a refreshing Facebook post that will certainly seem like a breath of fresh air to parents, Anjuli said that not only does she expect to see the mess that comes with everyday life, she'll help you clean it up as long as the conversation keeps flowing.

"Before you go to your friend's house for a play date, text her this: I fully expect there to be baskets of laundry in the family room, toys on the floor, and children in pjs," said Anjuli. Because she believes there's no real point sweating the small stuff, especially on fellow parents' behalfs, she added: "Don't straighten the pillows or wipe down counters. Please don't make a fancy appetizer dish, feed us vegetables, or make the beds. I anticipate all the kids will fight, be loud, and ask for snacks (constantly). I can handle that. Your life isn't too much for me."

Because having kids typically means your life becomes the equivalent of a circus, Anjuli wants to use the time the children are playing to catch up with a fellow parent. "I just want to see you," she wrote. "Even if we start 12 conversations we never finish, it's just nice to be with you. Let's warm up nuggets, put on a Disney movie and do those dishes together. I'm so thankful for a friend like you. I'm grabbing Starbucks and, of course, I'll be late."